DUO-FLANGE® is a completely unique product  

The DUO-FLANGE® is made by two identical parts which can be fitted from the side – without having the pipes demounted – as well as axially.

The DUO-FLANGE® is made of composite material and is completely non-corroding.

The DUO-FLANGE® saves costly working time.

The DUO-FLANGE® allows smaller holes to be made in floor and wall structures, as only the pipe has to pass through and the flange can be fitted afterwards.

The DUO-FLANGE® makes it easier to weld joints from heavier pipes.

The DUO-FLANGE® is also environmentally friendly comparing to conventional steel flanges. The cartages will became lower depending on lower volumes, when the flanges don't have to be fitted by the manufacturer.

The DUO-FLANGE® eliminates the risk for pinching injuries caused by flanges falling from vertical pipes, as the fitter has the flange in his hands.

The DUO-FLANGE® is invented and manufactured in Sweden.

The material – Symalit® GMT – has excellent dielectrical characteristics why there is no risk for galvanic corrosion. It has low weight and is totally recyclable.

DUO-FLANGE® is a registered trademark by AMB Industri AB in Broakulla, Sweden. All rights reserved.